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                                                  Our Story

Our company is a natural food company focuses on people who suffer in coeliac disease, diabetes or any food intolerance.  We only use natural ingredients and avoid chemicals that could have a negative effect on your health and well-being.

Fibre4u provides gluten-free, low in carbohydrates and low sugar products. Our food products are high in protein and high in fiber bakery products, which makes it possible for those who want to lose weight or eat something healthy to find the perfect choice from our online store. We give you the best of flour mixes, bakery products and seed flours that you can find locally.

Though many do not realize that everyday activities make up a huge part of one’s achievement in life, and the level of progress that can be achieved on any activity is influenced by the food consumed. At Fibre4u, we have chosen to be the company that provides the right type of food and also play a role in watching our customers become more productive and happy with the progress they make each day.

Our company believes that living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be an uphill task, and despite the cravings for junk food experienced by many, there are appealing substitutes that can provide better feeling and improved health.

We believe that everyone is capable of enjoying healthy meals without sacrificing quality.

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