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About Energy Drinks, Food and Protein bars

It is so easy during a rushed day to grab and energy drink to make you feel better. Unfortunately, many energy drinks and food/protein bars are not healthy and nutritious choices.

It is very important to look at the labels to understand exactly what nutritional value is in the drink, but as a rule, they are very high in sugar and caffeine so if you have Diabetes or pre Diabetes you should eliminate them from your diet.

Protein and food bars

Many food and protein bars are very high in Carbohydrates. They made from dried fruits with added sugars and some nuts. Most of the food companies market these bars as protein bars but you must check the label before you purchase them. Check the Net Carb content on the packaging if you cannot find it than read the sugar content.

What to look for on a label?

The most important information is the carbohydrate content which mostly comes from sugars and polyols. The polyol is an organic compound containing multiple hydroxyl groups. It is very important information for people with Diabetes because it does not raise blood sugar levels and it does not provide any calories but on the packaging in the nutrition information box you have to add the polyols to the carbohydrate section so it is completely confuse the customers. Most companies highlight the NET CARB on the package what is the full carb minus polyols!

Always choose low net carb protein bars.

Most drinks or food bars marketed for hype or the super athletes who needs additional sugar and calories. Drinking the drink may provide energy rush when the sugars hit the bloodstream but will then provide an emotional let-down as the sugar exits the bloodstream.

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